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swagbucks review - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income




how to make money from fiver - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income




remotasks review work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income




work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income




how to make money from freelancer




how to become virtual assistant - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income




amazon mechanical turk review - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

Amazon mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk

how to make money from ysense


Amazon mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical Turk

make money from adobe stock - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

adobe stock

Amazon mechanical Turk

online tutor


online tutor

Online Surveys

online tutor


Test Websites

Online Surveys

Online Surveys

work from home

Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Online Surveys

work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

Our top goal at moneydrake is to help readers improve their  financial lives and make money online and show them how to work from home, and we regularly partner with companies that share that  same vision. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners.  Here’s how we make money. 


make money from swagbucks

How It Works

It’s amazingly simple to work from home . You just sign up and you can either go to  their website each time you want to gain points for surfing the web, or  you can just download the Swagbucks toolbar and do your searches from there.

Then  each time you do a search using the Swagbucks search engine, you gain  Swag Bucks which are good towards a wide variety of prizes, including  everything from GPS systems to memorabilia to gift cards to actual cash  via PayPal.

Other Ways To Gain Points


However, your ability to gain points does not end with merely search  queries. There are a ton of other ways to work from home save and earn Swag Bucks :

1. Special Offers
You can earn points by signing up for special offers or registering as a  user with some websites. They also have a daily NOSO (No Obligation  Special Offer) that can gain you points. This is a special offer that  involves no cost and no obligation to you.

2. Surveys
You can also earn Swagbucks by filling out surveys through their site. You’ll have to consider the time involved here when debating whether online surveys are worth it or not.

3. Shop
They also have a shopping section where you can earn one Swag Buck for  every dollar that you spend there. At first, I didn’t expect to see  “big” retailers there, but I was able to find quite a few well-known  names. Walmart and Macy’s are there as well as lots of others.

4. Trade-In Program
They also have a very unique program where you can actually trade in  your old cell phone or your old video game system for Swag Bucks. In  fact, I have a few old cell phones that I plan on sending to them when I  get around to it. I’ll at least get something for them in return!

5. Polls
They also have daily polls where you can gain Swag Bucks. Simply answer a few questions and you get the bucks!

6. Invite Friends
And of course, you can also increase your Swagbucks by inviting your  friends to join. You can get up to 1,000 points per referral.


make money from remotasks

In this site you basically get paid for doing different kinds of tasks that the site will provide for you and not just this, you can also earn $5 for every referral you bring to the site but its ok if you cant refer anyone you will be earning from the tasks you do, the beautiful thing about this site that it gives you free courses to be able to do the tasks you will find on the sites.

Yes some of the tasks are simple but some also are complicated that is why they provide you with free courses and you can work from home.


how to make money from fiver - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

Yet another massive freelance job platform that helps you work from home and make money online , Fiverr doesn’t disappoint when it comes to finding freelance jobs. Sign up for a free account on Fiverr and look through the services that others offer. You can get some great  ideas and craft your own services and pricing around your competition.

Fiverr  is a bit different from other freelance job platforms. Instead of  applying to and bidding on jobs, you create a service page, called a  “gig,” for clients to find you. Choose your price or offer multiple  price points for different levels of service. You’ll pay 20% of your  earnings to Fiverr for using the platform. 

you dont have to be good at anything to work on fiverr, there are many ways to make money from fiverr without being professional in something, we will talk about it in the future so keep following. 

4.Mechanical Turk

make money from amazon mechanical turk

 Mechanical Turk is  run by Amazon. Anyone can sign up and complete simple tasks to make money online — like  choosing which of two pictures depicts a bridge — to earn a few cents  per task. With some practice, you can earn a few dollars an hour while  just sitting on your couch watching television. And with enough focus, you can work from home and  you can earn an amount roughly equal to minimum wage. 


how to make money from upwork - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

Find rewarding projects

Upwork is a great place to find more clients work from home, make money online , and to run and grow your own business. 

  • Freedom to work on ideal projects. On Upwork, you run your own business and choose your own clients and projects. Just complete your profile and they will highlight ideal jobs for you. you can Also search projects, and respond to client invitations. 
  • Wide variety and high pay. Clients are now posting jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work. 
  • More and more success. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use Upwork. 

With Upwork, you have the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how to make money online . 

All projects include Upwork Payment Protection — helping ensure that you  get paid for all work successfully completed through Upwork so you work from home .  


work as a free lancer, how to work from home, work on freelancer, how to earn money from freelancer is an online job marketplace that  provides a means for employers and freelancers around the globe to work from home and collaborate for mutual benefit. Individuals or businesses in need of  skilled help for short or long-term projects can post those projects and  allow freelancers to submit bids for the completion of the work.

For the employer or service buyer,  provides immediate access to thousands of independent contractors with  specific skills, without the need to place job ads or provide work  space, insurance, etc. For the freelancer or service  provider, offers a constant source of part-time to  full-time work opportunities, without the trouble and expenses of  advertising and self-promotion. 

How to make money online with freelancer ?

  • Bid on projects. Take the time to complete your profile. A complete profile is a must when bidding on projects. Let your employers know why you're best suited for the job with your comprehensive profile. Try implementing these best practices as well to improve your chances of winning projects.
  • Join contests. Join contests to put your work in the spotlight right away. Winning contests will help you earn reviews and build a reputation while earning prizes as well. This is particularly easy for design work.
  • Offer your services. Apart from projects and contests, you can also earn on the website by being a service provider. This is an easy and passive way to receive requests for jobs.
  • Use Milestone Payments. Use Milestone Payments to secure your project payments. Propose Milestones when you bid on projects to help employers structure and schedule the project payments. Our Dispute Resolution Service will be available to you in case the project does not go as planned.
  • Receive earnings. You can keep your earned payments in your account for later withdrawal. This way, you can use them to pay for bid and contest entry upgrades. You can also upgrade your membership to unlock more benefits and features. You are free to withdraw them as soon as you earn them as well.
  • Showcase your work. After completing projects or contests and receiving great reviews, try to submit your work for showcasing. The Freelancer Showcase is where your can get hired directly if employers like your showcased work. Note that submissions are subject to review, so not all requests will be approved. helps you turn your hard-earned skills into a substantial income. 

you can also Invite a friend and you'll both get $20 USD, if you sign up now from our link you will get $20 signup bonus

You will receive a $20 USD site credit to be used for specific purposes when your friend fully releases a total of $50 USD worth of milestones in projects or contest prizes. Your friend will receive a $20 USD site credit to be used for specific purposes on opening their new account and verifying their payment method 


make money from virtual assistant

How to make money online with zirtual ?

Zirtual is  perhaps the most time-consuming, but most rewarding, option. With  Zirtual, you sign up to be a Zirtual Assistant to a busy person. The  person will send you things to do such as write emails, research a topic  and summarize the findings, or personal tasks such as order flowers,  manage a personal calendar, or write handwritten notes. The starting  base pay is $11 an hour, and Zirtual Assistants work weekdays full  time. 

All of these websites offer great opportunities for anyone  to earn some extra money online. It all depends on what you want to  bring to the table in terms of time, money, and effort.


work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

The Best PTC site

ysense that used to be called Clixsense before  is one of the best PTC ( paid to click ) sites that has been paying people for years.

Recently,  ysense  shifted away from the PTC model, but still, you can find a  lot of their offer panels offering paid to click sites.

Along with  clicking opportunities, ysense is one of the best places to complete  surveys where you can work from home. You can expect more surveys site than any other survey panel  online.

You can also complete figure eight tasks. Figure eight is a micro job site where you can find a lot of tasks to earn money. plus ysense offer you bonus system where it gives you certain tasks to complete and when you does you get a bounce amount.

ysense also offers referral programs where you can refer unlimited people and receive up to 25% of affiliate commission.

Minimum cashout at ysense is $10 through Paypal.

9.adobe stock

adobe stock review - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

how to make money online with adobe stock ?

adobe stock allows  you to sell photos you've taken for stock photography usage. For  example, if a publisher is looking for a picture of a beach and you  uploaded such a picture, the publisher can use Fotolia to purchase the  rights to use that picture in its publication and you receive a cut of  that money. For a photography hobbyist, this is a great way to earn a  few dollars for some of your best photos. 

10.become a tutor

how to become an online tutor - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

Pays $16 - $23+ per hour

 If you’re proficient in a subject and know how to dissect and explain  complex information, you might make an exceptional tutor. A tutor is a  private teacher who instructs others in some branch of learning either  one-on-one or within a group setting and work from home . 

Whether you’re an easy-going native English speaker or a math whiz who  enjoys helping students study and complete homework assignments, there’s  probably a freelance tutoring position that needs your skills. There  are many topics where people need tutors, and it’s not only in academics 

Work From Home

Not  only is there an opportunity to supplement your income, becoming a  tutor might be up your alley if you’re looking for a flexible work from home opportunity.  If you’re a private tutor operating your own business, you can decide  the number of students to accept, as well as where you connect with  students. 

For example, you  can conduct sessions at a student’s home or make arrangements for  students to meet at your home. You’ll enjoy similar flexibility if you  apply for work as an online tutor. In this case, you and students  complete sessions via Internet by connecting in an online classroom. You  can decide when to work and pick up as many (or as little) sessions as  you like.

Where to start tutoring jobs

work from home with these sites

11.Test Websites


You probably have a pretty strong idea of what makes a good website. Is the design clean and easy to navigate? Does the content make sense? Luckily, there are plenty of people out there who want to hear your thoughts. And they’ll even pay you decent money for it (most sites pay ~$10 per 20 minutes, or ~$30 per hour!)

To test these websites, you’ll be asked to visit the site in question and record your reactions and thoughts as you go through it. To get started making extra money online by testing websites, sign up for some of the most popular services like, Userlytics, TryMyUI, Userfeel, or TestingTime (for people outside the U.S).

12.Online Surveys for Money

make money from surveys - work from home - make money online - how to make money online - seo - make passive income

how to make money online with surveys ?

Taking paid surveys online is a simple errand that you can do to make money online . 

Study organizations work with organizations that need knowledge on new thoughts before they hit the market. You'll win money for responding to addresses that will assist brands with improving their items. 

Rounding out surveys for money can merit your time on the off chance that you pursue the correct review destinations and execute a couple of supportive tips. 

All you need is a web connection and a PC or cell phone to begin.

The Top Sites to start Paid Surveys Online

how to make money online from surveys 

You don’t need to sift through a myriad of options. Instead, sign up with only the best-paying survey sites.

Tips to make the Most of Paid Surveys

There are a number of things you can do to maximize your earnings when taking surveys as an online jobs . 

Choose several sites

You don’t have to sign up with hundreds of survey sites . Focus on the best options like Swagbucks,ysense, Vindale Research, and  Survey Junkie thats how to make money online.

Complete your profile

Completing your personal profile on each survey site allows the  company to match you with relevant offers. Most companies require your  name, relationship status, occupation, and other demographic  information.

Update your personal profile if you have a life  change. Things like a new baby, new pet, or change in smoking habits  could change your status for upcoming surveys and u can work from home

Select the highest paying surveys first

 If you sign up with multiple websites, you might receive dozens of  surveys to choose from. Take a few minutes to estimate your earnings per  hour before you start a survey. You may be able to make more by picking  the highest-paying opportunities first and start to work from home.